Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Assalamua'laikum and very good morning.


Today i'm having a site task where we need to make a survey based on parking in my campus. We need to count every single vehicle in and out of the park. Where class 1 is represented by motorcycle, meanwhile, class 2 goes to cars, class 3 represented by vans and small lorries. On the other hand, class 4 is filled with buses and big lorries. So, let me countinue my work. Well, this is a part of civil engineering works. Thanks for reading.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Things change Peoples grow


without much say, i wanna talk about the changes happen in my life now. Firstly, when i'm on my campus during the class month i felt that i am lonely. most of my classmate are not in type of my soul. secondly, the buddies are now changing status from single into relationship including me. maybe it's a good thing happen in our life, but for me it a worse thing. because i am away from my buddies. we are now busying with all bf/gf. time for us to be together are less. the worst now is, we're on sem break. for those who just done their practical, this time for em' to rest. i know. take an enough rest then guys. in my opinion, it better to go for a work, because i'm bored to being home all the time. in a day i work 8 hours and the rest i can fell it with my friends families. i do lost the 8 hours bored while working even my work are bored sometimes. since last few days, i felt that all of us are changing. em' didn't invite me when they out. it's not a time, but a couple of time. i fell like they throw me away. i'm on leave just a day in a week, they went out but didn't let me know. maybe it's time for me to be a lonely. next, my beloved lecture Cik Siti had been moved to IPD KL. babe, i just close to her in this one sem. Oh God you taking em' again. LIFE. we need to be connected and separated. however, GOD had decide something PERFECT for us.

written by DK