Friday, May 25, 2012

Zam Balek Kampong

the 'ZAM' is one the left side of this blog, 'ZAM SEXY'. the team of us is incomplete when one of us is not around. why do i typing this? it is because i am too bored cause doing nothing at home. normally , i will hang up with my bffs until the middle of night. so, we have not enough of team members, so, just being home. but tomorrow i'll be at seberang. yes, again i'm waiting for the nest day. :D

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Taste

yesterday i 've tried the tutti frutti at Autocity of Tanah Besar, penang. the taste is really fantastic. for the one who love yogurt, i guess em' will love this so do i. the taste is really 'umphh'. i'll go there again after this. for those that not try this frozen yet, have a try guys. this is a self-service shop, there are total of eight flavor, 2 or 3 of it are nature taste, and the others are quiet sour + sweet. we can put on our topping, fruit on top, chips chocolate, gummy bear and every things. memang bebaloi dengan payment yg kita bayar. hurmmm~

Thursday, May 17, 2012

BB pin

yesterday i got back my BB from the center. i restored back all things to my BB. so, ku mmg tatw apa2 update dlm seminggu lebeyh dh. then tadi ku just chat gn mmbe ku sorg, dyer ckp na awek. aku da lama knl dyer. then ade satu girl neyh dlm BBM list ku, seyes tataw dia sapa. chat la gn girl neyh. baek gak la. pehtu ku pass no pin dyer at mmbe ku yg na awek neyh. then they have a chat. lepas tu girl neyh marh ku sbb bg pin dyer kt mmat (mmbe aku ah). aduss~ then mmbe ku pon cover la. skaly, yg girl uh, senior aku rupanya. dyer letak gmba girl dyer gn tukar nama. n dyer tipu aku psl contact dia. ku da tnya dia sapa dari awl, seyes dia confuse kn aku. ku mention la at mmbe ku neyh yg girl tue senior ku, ta smpt na story abis, dyer delete aku dari BBM tros. SENTAP teros weyh! last word dyer taip 'aku ta kwn gn penipu'. aku mintak maaf sangat2 sbb slh aku g pass BB pin korang, klu ko tank kwn gn aku pon tape yg penting ko tawu mnde betol tue je. thanx for confusing me.

#thanks for being here @qib_bib

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

bye-bye by a rider

hey all, ae neyh ku na cita sal driver vs rider. haha~

td time otw back to my home, it's start raining, so aku pecut ah. sbb ku naek mto, malaih satg basah lencun. pehtu ku ptg la ikot kanan sbb ada moto blah kiri jln. then, satu volvo itam potong aku blek gn lajunya, ok kau guna volvo. k fine~ then dyer slow balek, aku potong la dia ikot kanan, dia kejaq aku, ala2 race la, sorry uncle, u drive a car, then dia break sbb Q keta bnyk sngt. aku pon angkat tgn kiri sambil bye-bye kat dia. haha~ uncle-uncle, u got a wrong person laa~

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The VW

the story begins when a 'vroom' 'vroom' 'vroom' of an old VW arrived infornt of my house. the driveway bring us to the place of water fall named sedim. such a relax environment with the sound of the flow of water and the coldness from the water. whoa~ it's making me 'ketaq-ketaq'. huhu. after the water play, we are heading back to the town and addin try to start his VW again, and you know what, the engine can't start. are we not going back ? camping here i guess. OMG. petak reached his friends and help us to push the car and try to re-start the engine again, and it success. home here i come ! lalala~ thanks to the both petak's friends, hehe, we need to help each others to be live in this life. aicehh~ the feel be in an old VW just like an star. everybody keep staring at us (the car) haha. kind of shame too. a lots of thanks to my buddy Addin and Petak. i got no bored today. really enjoyed the moments. wal-llah senggih sampai nampak gusi :DD

~ the left side of the VW with me inside
~ on the road to sedim

have you seen an old VW with the CD player ? here it is. with the great bass, the sound of engine and air are removed from your ear. lalala~

Big Boss on board !

Me with the yellow one.
Addin the one who drive, (it seem like not easy to use)
Petak the big boss (without license)

* the fell inside an VW just like eating magnum while walking on a red carpet with one hand "babai-ing'

Thursday, May 3, 2012

End Of 1st

hey there,

just wanna share about the end of sem one. huh! the question on the paper of final really difficult. well last min. prep. LOL :D whatever. on the last day of the sem, we had a simple gather, snapping pictures and simple speech from every single person. huh, it seem like the end of the study. quite sad to be not seeing em' for the nest two month. also good because asik-asik muka depa every day. huhu. joking around. it's really enjoyed to be an IPTA student. got lots of thing to do, assignments, presentations, explanations, and etc. thins change people grow. :)