Saturday, May 12, 2012

The VW

the story begins when a 'vroom' 'vroom' 'vroom' of an old VW arrived infornt of my house. the driveway bring us to the place of water fall named sedim. such a relax environment with the sound of the flow of water and the coldness from the water. whoa~ it's making me 'ketaq-ketaq'. huhu. after the water play, we are heading back to the town and addin try to start his VW again, and you know what, the engine can't start. are we not going back ? camping here i guess. OMG. petak reached his friends and help us to push the car and try to re-start the engine again, and it success. home here i come ! lalala~ thanks to the both petak's friends, hehe, we need to help each others to be live in this life. aicehh~ the feel be in an old VW just like an star. everybody keep staring at us (the car) haha. kind of shame too. a lots of thanks to my buddy Addin and Petak. i got no bored today. really enjoyed the moments. wal-llah senggih sampai nampak gusi :DD

~ the left side of the VW with me inside
~ on the road to sedim

have you seen an old VW with the CD player ? here it is. with the great bass, the sound of engine and air are removed from your ear. lalala~

Big Boss on board !

Me with the yellow one.
Addin the one who drive, (it seem like not easy to use)
Petak the big boss (without license)

* the fell inside an VW just like eating magnum while walking on a red carpet with one hand "babai-ing'

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