Friday, October 26, 2012

moving forward : Kuala Lumpur

dear readers,

Assalamua'laikum and welcome again to my blog.

such a long time not writing and none updates to the world. this time i would like to share bout the trip to Kuala Lumpur that created by Puan Syuhaila as my IBS lecture's subject. the trip was held for two days and one night. just a simple trip. as the basic plan, we had informed that we will be on the Skybridge of Klcc, whoa~ such a great one. but then, when we reached KL, we can't be on that beautiful bridge. hurmm~ most of standard six student are there. pack. they said. than the plan run with the backup plan, petrosains. ehem-ehem, i've been here, and it just nothing for me. if we bring a kids, that would be great. haish~ Next, after all the petrosain walk, we had a high tea at nasi kandar. kalau penang tue, penang jugak. huhuu. letter on, simple walk and hooking up with all the class mates in the yard of suria klcc. best jugak lepak kat garden. lagi pon dah lama semua orang tak gather sekali. busy with all task by day. such a great one, memang terhasil lah cuti dan menghilangkan stress seketika. forgot all the campus staff. at the night, we slept at kompleks sukan puchong. not so bad, well it's hostel type. then the last activity, next morning, site walk. at the Global Glob near Linkokweng UniV. huh~ many things i've learned there. most of structural buildings part are making there, the way how do they deliver the parts, the way they manage the site. it's all about IBS. so, here are some picture of the whole trip.

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