Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Dekda tue bukan boleh percaya sangat"


Walah, the 5th semester already done. Alhamdulillah with eyes open it already my 3rd year of studying, my final year. Next upcoming semester going to be my practical sem, huh.  It's a sad thing to wrote about the dinner of Pembimbing Rakan Siswa (PRS). Tears coming out of sudden when the junior present their slide about us (last semester students). Such an honour to be presented about us from others people. I do hide my tears and for me showing our tears is not a good thing, it just like we show our weaknesses in our self to others. Can you imagine is someone just take advantage of this chance. It might harm our self back, but in this dinner I cried because I'm going out of this beautiful family. I just can't imagine, is there any good person I can find out there just so good as they are. Earlier two days before the dinner, i found that my Green Card seminar is merged with the dinner date. WHAT ?! Seriously serious ?. I walked to the admin for requesting to change my seminar date, but they can't do that because CIBD has confirmed it. So sad man. BUT, we are what are we thinking. If we want that, then we have to try the best for what we want. Three hours of duration I used to sort back my schedule to make me 'visible' on the dinner.

Green Card Seminar : 10:00am till 16:00pm
PRS Dinner              :  8.00pm till 12:00pm
*4 hours (delay time)

I've decide to plan a prank after my three hours of sorting. I'll try to attend the dinner just right after the seminar. I have search for flight ticket, but yeah, it's not a public holiday. there are no flight going to Pangkor Island. Grab the key then drive ! kashing, just cross my mind. I also making sure that Panjang and Munsif that we can't get there by time. (both of them also attending the seminar). Thanks Mr. Norman (psychologist) for cooperating with me, being liar to all. HaHaHa. Alhamdulillah, after driving crazy, we reach Lumut Jetty around 7:00pm. Take a ferry ---> bath ---> tide our self ---> Hi, everyone. What a surprise ! everyone is screaming. 'kan aku dah cakap Dekda tue bukan boleh percaya sangat dia mesti datang punya'. Yes, it from one of my BFF. He knows me well already. I am really glad that they are very welcoming when I got there. Such a great of the greatest dinner ever. You guys did just like i've imagine. Maybe 2% less. LOL.

Learned :

Try our best to get something
Trust is not about letting anybody know, it secrete
Pray really helpfull. Thanks Allah
Being well known is not equal to being HOT
Be your self then people will love you

Pangkor, till we meet again :)

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