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Lombok, Indonesia.

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone.
In this entry, I would like to share my last year in august trip. This trip is fly from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Lombok (LOP).

I booked the flight ticket for this trip around month of December in year 2015 after my final exam. Yes, Amirul always disturbing me for joining him in a trip. Ceh! salahkan Amirul. For those new reader, you may read my past post to know who is this Amirul. Hahaa. So, the gap from the booking date and travel date is so dam* far. Eight months bro.
Another sem pass by, and TADA!

Day 1

As usual I always with my early flight because it cheap. Zam’s parent send us to Penang airport (PEN) and our flight to KUL is around 7.30am but I and zam taking a different flight. I booked a Malaysia Airlines since it on promo, around RM72.00 with fee and taxes. Then, as I arrived at KLIA airport guess what? my backpack was gone. I waited until the baggage carousel stop and stare. Uhuk uhuk Just remain calm, walk in to the nearest office and ask the staff for assistance. After around 10 minutes, here you are baby. Grab the bag and take ERL to KLIA2. Since we (I and zam) reached at KLIA2 early, we decide to take a nap around the waiting area. ZZZzzz. Feel a bit fresh after taken a ‘tight’ nap, we taking I love You as lunch, it a porridge and chakoi (pak tong koi). My first meeting with new travel team who joined for this trip was at L6 gate. There are Adib, Myra, Yanie, amirul and zam of course. While flying approaching LOP, all of us having the most wonderful food ever in AirAsia which is Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser. Then sleep again.

Hello Lombok.

The first word I saw as I walk down to the airport is ‘kamar kecil’ which is this phrase refer to toilet. LOP airport just a small one even smaller then Langkawi. Can be consider same as AOR airport (Alor Star, Malaysia). Get thing settled with the passport and immigration things then we are very welcomed like an artist. Everyone was line-up and making a noise and I was like ‘huh? Are they waiting for someone really important?’ Amirul’s friend name Faizal and we called him ‘Mas Ijal’ even he’s Malaysian, but he fluently speaking Indonesian. Take all the bag into van and we had meal again.  Hey, 3 hours and 15 minute’s flight okay. We had an ‘ayam taliwang’ the taste just like an ayam kampung back in Malaysia. The chicken was grilled and the sauce was very spicy but nice. Seriously spicy. Next, before check in at the hotel that early book by Amirul we had a drop at sim card shop. Sim card here cheap with the big data plan. We just need data since we have WhatsApp as our main communicate tools. Long story short, check in – dinner – sleep. The hotel named was Z Max Praya which is just near ‘bandara’ area. (bandara is an Indonesian work mean airport)

Day 2

Morning J
Since the hotel great with the perfect facility and nice pool, sadly we don’t have time to go for swim, then we just take ‘ka pitcha’. With a simple breakfast then we heading to Bangsal. From bangsal we take a boat to Gili Trawangan. Since we reached here quite early of the day, the we decide to go for snorkeling consist of three places of Gili but I don’t really remember the actual name and food are not provided.
At Gili Trawangan we just can walk to our chalet. We drop and check in at our chalet then we proceed with water activity. The chalet name is Mosaix Gili Bungalows. The structure was made by timber while the toilet part by brick and cement finishes with no roof. Naked under the moon guys. However, the decoration of the room was WOW! It so sweet and suitable for couple on their honeymoon trip. Leave the bag behind and here we go. My recommendation, please have some food before goes into the sea. I am almost half alive at the second gili because loosing energy. The tour concept is sharing, we were mix around 30 peoples in one boat and does off. Since I am not a real great swimmer, I still tag by body with the life jacket. Meanwhile, Amirul and Adib swim, dive like a pro and enjoying the sea and the blue view while playing with the marine life. Yes, I am jealous. After we finished with our tour, before walked back to chalet, we rent a bike for one day. Bring the bike back to hostel because I’m tired of walking. Get some rest. At the evening near the sunset time, we ride to the end of the Trawangan where there are cradle of Ombak Sunset. 15 minute’s time of riding the bicycle and we reached there. For taking picture with the cradle, we need to queue because everyone waiting for the perfect timing with the sunset. 30 minutes of line upp if not mistaken.

In Trawangan, scooter only for local people use, for tourist, we only can use bicycle or if you have an extra money you can choose to ride a chariot. It not a horse but a donkey, actually. Heee. Waited for the sunset, then we ride back to chalet. Take a bath under the moon, change our cloth and we out again craving for a food. There is only one spot at night as the main attraction to have a food. It like a night market but if full of food. First thing first, as you reached this area you need to find a sit first then collaborate with your mate to buy the food. It packs bro! seriously. The food was good and nothing much different if compare to Malaysian food. Just here in Lombok, the food all dry. No kuah. All fried food, and all spicy. Beware for those having appendix. You may try the Apam balik Nutella, It nice. Okay, return to chalet and sleep. Good night.

Day 3
Morning sunshine.

Getting ready and pack all the thing from chalet and ride our bike. Return to the rental shop and here we are. Que up for a boat to Bangsal. Today trip gonna be a lil bit short because a lot of time had been spent for transportation. As we reached Bangsal terminal, we waited for Adib’s friend to fetch us. While waiting for that, my tummy keep on playing a hungry song. So, I decide to find something for breakfast. Back of the Bangsal area, there is a small stall selling a food. I ate one pack of rice with some chicken slice, (alah dia bungkus mcm nasi lemak). Please be note that Bangsal is separated with 2 places where one is for tourism and one more for trade. If you go for tourism section they will provide us with speed boat and it costly. Meanwhile for trade, it just a normal boat with low speed taking around 40 minutes so reached the coast and of course cheaper. Suddenly, a guy with average height spoke me, ‘temannya Adib ya?’ he can be considering as a handsome guy anyway. Haha. Then I just remain silence with nodding head since I was shock, who is this guy. So, this is Restu an Indonesian local who is Adib’s dive friend. As a summary of the story, we dropped Yanie and Myra at their desire hotel since they don’t want to join our team for Kenawa island.
First, we took a ferry, around 3 hours then change to a small boat around 30 minutes then we are approaching Kenawa island. Kenawa island is unvisited place with a lot of nice clump, yes nice. Nothing to say much, as I steep the sea sand it was the best second ever. The water is very clear and I can see the details of the sea base with my original eyes. The coral, the fish. Ya Allah, what a beautiful view. Just with the depth around my waist, I can see all this. I rent a google from the aunty at the small stall there. I was enjoyed the sea with the easy snorkelling concept till I was a sea snake then I stop. Enough of that. Then, we installed the tents at the provided area. This s a warning, Kenawa it come with a NO electricity, NO toilet, NO food court, NO raw water source except the sea. What? Yes, it real. For our food, we asked waterman to cook for us and we pay them. So, tent ready and we have a hike to Kenawa small mountain. WOW! What a nice view again. Remember I do live on Facebook at this moment. Hehee. The sun goes down as we also go down from the hill.
Here at Kenawa, we joined Bazli team who is Amirul and Adib travel members from previous trip. What was happened at the night, this Bazli team they help me and my team to install the tent, but they decide to sleep at the gazebo near the sea. The gazebo is built by a wood with no wall. They want to sleep there because at the tent area is full of mosquito. Here comes the sad moment for this trip. I was imagining for a simple orientation since they are new people to me, but WHAT? They just doing nothing like me and my team is just a timber near the tent. Stood there like nothing! seriously, I of their members walked to the one of the tent and ask their friend to play UNO along but they just don’t invite me and my team. What the hel*. This visit should be boned even we not closed each other, get to know people along it just for a one night by the way. I was totally annoyed with their attitude. Then magically the rain fall like turning off the big flame inside of me. After the rain stop, we make our own campfire just between me, Amirul, Zam and Adib. Of course, no Bazli and team. Guess what? Amirul turn on the Gopro and we take a picture under the beautiful sky with sparkle of stars. Zam’s says, ‘ini baru la tidur berlantaikan tanah, beratapkan bintang’ try guys. It nice.

Day 4

Waking up at 5:00 am and again we hike to the hill. Doing some photoshoot and uninstall the tent. Taking a boat back to the jetty before take a ferry. This Bazli team is so troublesome. It like a package, it come along when you buy something. Built in. we cannot unattached it. Geram aku! We reached jetty and they still wanted to take a shower while the ferry just around the corner, time is ticking away bro. then we just go with our plan, we don’t wait for them. As we reached Kayangan, I scream because I am too excited meet my beloved team back which is Yanie and Myra.

Then, we straight away go for Benang Kelambu where this place is a water fall. For this rainforest area, we are advice to walk and track for have a better feel about the nature. It may be great for a person with slim body type, and a bit difficulties for those who have a solid body type since we need to track a lot. On the way to this rainforest, there are a really nice view of corn field. So, wonderful. The water of this Benang Kelambu smell 100 percent neutral, this fall consist of three layer of fall that made by nature movement of the ground itself. 

Tips for those who walk in here with local Indonesian people, just let the local person buy our entrance ticket so then we can get local price instead of foreigner price. Just some tips to share. From top of the water fall, we ride a motorcycle down and it need to pay since it not includes in the ticket free price. Back to the base, we change our outfit because it totally wet and what an excitement moment up there.

Having a lunch with ‘bersila’ position then we move to Tanjung Ann. Tanjung Ann is the must visit place in Lombok. If possible, visit it on evening time near to sunset. SubhanAllah! The level of the view is nicer ever compare to those before. With the air that flow through my hair and ears. You guys, may play the video below. It’s twilight and we return to our hotel.

For dinner, Restu took us for Sate and I don’t know which area, but it far enough from the hotel. I order the ‘Perlecin Kankung’ it combination of kale leaves and Indonesian sauce taste which is really spicy till you will produce an uncontrol sweat. I ate two spoon and then stop, too spicy and I just can’t. it can be considered for food challenge purpose. Hahaa. Back to the beautiful hotel with nice swimming pool but I am way too tired to swim, turn the aircon on, light off. ZZZzzz

Day 5

Morning in sleep walking condition.

Waking up as early as 4:00 am because we heading to ‘Pantai Pink’ that not actually pink enough. Waste time and energy. Then we moved for ‘Tanjung Ringgit’ and again a nice view. I am standing on a stone of I don’t even know th height if I fall to the sea but it best feels ever. Zam’s found a Tamar tree, it not Tamar. It looks a bit like grape tree but we also don’t know what tree is that. But it nice in view. Maybe this tree habitats are growing up at rocky area. Take a snap, then we send Adib to airport because our flight time is different, only Adib. Lunch time! ‘Nasi Balap Payung’ we choose as our lunch menu today, still, it spicy. It sorts of ‘Ayam Penyet’.

After lunch, Restu decide to take us for ‘Selong Belanak Beach’. Yes, we just visiting beach for the last day to avoid too tired later. This beach is the most beautiful ever if compare to all the beaches that I visited all day here in Lombok. Sadly say, we visit on pick day light which is on 1:00pm. It’s too hot to walk under the sun, I might get burn. Well, I am an Asian skin where are not too white and I am not required any tanned skin to help my appearance. LOL. The trip of Lombok almost complete, we had a visit on ‘Sade Village’. This is a place where we can find souvenir for family, related and friends. There is verity of Songket choices and keychain that hand make and it a Lombok trademark. I decide to buy one Songket for my mom and some small keychain for friends. The time arrived, it time for leaving this beautiful creature of Lombok, but wait. Our trip driver want to treat us something since our departure time is still not yet close enough. We make a drop at the roundabout somewhere Bandara area, we ate Jagung Bakar’ and ‘Meatball’.
A fresh Meatball homemade by local here. There is a bit smelly because it a fresh meat but, dip with the sauce, poof! The smell gone. This side come with two type of sauce one is hot and one is sweet. Since it has been 4 days around here and my tongue had been almost immune with the hot taste, I am not enjoying the sweet sauce hence I preferred a hot one. Restu respond to me like this, ‘tumben suka pedas, kamu’ (since when you like hot). ‘sejak kelmarin, udah biasa sama pedasnya dong’ (since yesterday, get use to this hot taste) I replied. TADA! Bandara. Restu is a nice guy, we walk us hence bring all our luggage to the departure hall. Thanks, Restu. While waiting for the gate open, we search for a postcard to post to ourselves. Again, we ask help from Restu to post it, but we not received until now. Seriously Restu? So, that all the story of my trip at Lombok be like. Details are below. Do visit okay. J

Budget :

I am so sorry i can't give the actual budget since this is an old trip, but total expenses at Lombok was recorded as IDR 1573800 +/- RM480. while total expenses including flight and stay is RM760 for the whole trip.

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