Sunday, February 12, 2012

sorry all :'(

first of all, assalamualaikum and wish u guys have a nice day/night. secondly i would like to ask an apologies because can't make the update these day, quite busy in the world of IPT. skang neyh ku rasa cm bnyk je mnde nk kne tmpoh, mb bub da ckup 19 kowt. mcm2 ah cabarannyer. tak mudah nk ungkapkn perasaan org, so kita bole tngk, tumpang and say sabar je la. i'm really sorry bout my bff. next also bout my bff, he just got an operation this evening, but i don't know where he is right now, what's the update, with whom he with. i'm really worry bout him. this is him, he said, he don't want peps worried bout him, so he won't tell the full story of him. i'm just waiting the news. it is hard. the one you loving for is now currently unreachable. can u fell it?. i want to be the  one who is laugh and cry together. i won't let my bff fell the pain alone. i do fell sad cause i can't make it while they are in sad. sorry guys. i've tried my best and i'll try the best to be with you guys together. promise! love you babe >.* dekda

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