Friday, February 24, 2012

My Happiness My Bad. Sorry~

the greeting word : HEY!

yesterday, me and 'em out to our lovely school to grab ours certificate of SPM and i grab my University Of Cambridge by seating for the local 33319 english language. the level i am i won't tell you guys. kind of shame. after that me an them, them was buid by zam, meon, addin, is, petak and also included akem. akem now are chubby enough. his round face make me jealous of him, seriously round. addin hair are too long, serabot plus serabai. he making me wanna cut his hair out. let him bold. mua-haha. ok, back to da topic, after heading to da lovely school, have a tea with teacher mazlina and was paid by cikgu syukri. such a nice gossip with cikgu nazatul. also had a talk with others teacher, we are going to penang. huh! Penang, sat aku mai. haha. plan of swimming at Taman Belia and when we reach there, oooppssss~ "renovating" punah harapan. with the half way sad, we are heading to Bukit Bendera, just nice the view of the rail from down round. again "maintenance" . OMG! and the word cross my mind "is this the day of renovate/maintain ?" then, we are lepaking at Padang Kota. that all. sorry 'em. i don't know this will be. on the nite, again i'm out of home. dinner at McD Autocity just like usual, then karok at Perda. this time we in a VIP room and the worst is. air conditioner on slow working. hangat sat. be home at 12:30 something. somebody got angry because we're late for home. again me felt down. truthly sorry from me cause late being home. zam, meon, azu and atie, last night you all doing great. really enjoy the karok, also the kena marah. hihi

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