Monday, April 2, 2012


hey all. today i wanna talk bout my Bengangness of these peps. there are my classmate. my lecture just return back our task done last week. i take bout 3 hours to deal with that because it a new topic i learned. that not easy for me. maybe it is easy for them. seyesly, i really mad of it. i put on my own signature on the first page of my work because i want my lecture know that i've sacrifice my three hours doing that task. and you know what, he wrote "DISEMAK" on my signature. huh! i can accept it for the first time. then, another person grab it and them return to me with the others word on mine signature "PTPTN" and the most biggest worse is "CASINO". what are you thinking i am? human that i can compare to the silly capital C word? that named RUDE! already 19 years old but, you don't even know how to use your brilliant brain + akal. plus, even my own lecture didn't wrote anything on my name. i'm really sad n mad because u wrote that on my name. which muslim are you into? seyesly mad of 'em. as a prove, this is the picture. (just the page them wrote silly word n no need the oths) can you imagine what are you going to feel if you are in my situation? B******T

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