Friday, November 14, 2014


Puan Fazliana and her husband En Nizam
Assalamua'laikum and hey all :P

So, in this entry i would like to share about the farewell of my mates, nah nah, not farewell for me. Just a simple party for us, as we have deal with the mister diploma. Wow~ ady 3 years.

The party was organised by Puan Fazliana (one of my subject lect) because of jealous when my mates visit Puan Shafizah (the oths subject lect) at her home. So, we was called back in a simple meeting and sort of everything for the barbecue. When i know the menus selected, its kinda wow for me because it too much of food. But, Puan fazliana said 'no, it just a little" hahaa. Started with the ais kacang, followed by nasi goreng cina (but not in white color) then, chicken wing, corn, kerang, cake by me and Puan Ashikin (another lect) and sosej. That it, if i not wrong.

Gift giving to Puan Ashikin
Begin on 4.30 with the preparation of the event, from dapur Puan Fazliana it start being kecoh here and there. LOL. The party held on 8pm with 5 of lectures involved and it ends at 3am. What ? yes it is. but we exchange the present on middle of the party.

Smile w/ Puan Shafizah
The main thing for me is not about the menus, neither the time nor the venue, but it about the people and the time. Sob sob sob are we separating ?. The one who always straight on teaching and seem angry it actually the most sporting, meanwhile her husband too. very welcoming person. Of course, both of my beloved and sporting lectures too, Puan Ashikin and Puan Shafiza, can't forgot the memory. Too many sweetness in diploma life. I'm don't share here every single moment of my life because sometime we got busy with things. But, knowing all my mates, lectures, having best time of class, the laughter, the anger, every single moment will always be fresh in my mind. have to stop here as my tears going down.

Please make sure we still keep in touch. Loving you guys is a gold.

Love : Danial Nizam @ Dekda Kaafee

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