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Assalamua'laikum bah !

Hello out there, in this entry I would like to share about my just finish trip which were at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. What a beautiful land. Here's the story goes.

the view of kundasang

It was an idea of my unmarried cousin who named Amalina (nina). We just had a conversation regarding vacation and the sabah name was pop-up. After a few month of that conversat, along (who is my elder sister) already take the first jump for booking the flight tickets. Without more further a dew, (kind of school speech) we book the flight ticket from PEN - KUL (airasia) KUL - BKI (airasia) BKI - KUL (malindoair) KUL - PEN (airasia) that cost of RM278/head. Awad tak amek flight direct PEN - BKI ? Because the itinerary only one of the day plus nina will wait for us at KUL.

simpang mengayau 1st look

Day one (Simpang Mengayau)

We met at KLIA2 on the middle of night and we don't even sleep, just keep chitchating while waiting for the gate open. Early of morning we fly to KKIA, two and half hours taking of sleep, self singing without voice, sky dating and HELLO Kinabalu bakalakau. After safely touchdown, Kak Erin (nina's senior) come and pick us with the rent car. Using Kak erin names for the car rent so then we get the student price since kak erin is a UMS student. Dropping kak erin back to UMS then we go. Simpang Mengayau sat i mai noh. I was thinking it near, oh god, almost of three hours driving then only we reach the Simpang Mengayau (weird name). Subahanallah, cantek nyer laut dyer. Worth of the drive tiredness. Thanks Nas (pak supir aka nina's husband) for the drive. Yes, nina married already. Congratulations (clap hand with mercun pop-ing). Strightly done a little survey to compare the better price for a chalet. We decide to choose Simpang Mengayau chalet (tip of borneo, Kudat). Take the key, check in, screaming because of the sea too nice. Evening come, we change our shirt and do some walking exercise. Snapping photos and do some baby swim.

tip of borneo

along aku dan nina. nas amek gamba

sekian, terima kasih

Why baby swim ? The sea water was very cold i told u, serious ! Kinda sedim water. We don't know why and what and who ? But our skin got itchy after a few of minutes. The 'someone' said, 'nak mandi pakai kasut, ada landak laut' but we don't see any of that species. With the wet clothes we went back. After self tide, done our maghrib, then we went for the cafe in the same chalet place and grab our dinner. Guess what the time ? It just 7. Feeling like breakingfast. I was order nasi goreng ayam but the ayam was unseen since sabah is like that. Quite expensive and tasteless. Along said don't compare their food with our food since we got mami and ane in penang.

nasi goreng kesian (nasi goreng ayam)

Full tummy, happy heart. (Malay phase) do some family talk. Gossiping here and there, from semenanjung till sabahan also not yet finish the gossip thing. Tara! It 10 o'clock and we ready for bed. Too early ? No no, Mengayau business hour only until 8pm. Good night.

Day two (Rumah Terbalik + Kundasang + kaki Gunung Kinabalu)

Cause of we ask for a 'better' price rate of room, so here is no breakfast included. Do i care ? We got instant porridge lah. Hehee. Leaving Mengayau with the air flow (flip hair) we go for Kundasang. Another 2 and 1/2 hours of driving.We drop by at Rumah terbalik, where is nothing much because it a created story to attract people to come here. Just a rumah terbalik and u can do so at ur house.
toilet terbali
Kahkahkah and the food here was very good, yeah. Before i go future, please have a waze. Everything u can just waze and a celcom line. Maxis was very very very bad i tell u. No service. But celcom got 'E'. The road here is quite spinning me, it just equal to road to cameron high. Drive safe. Reaching at kaki Gunung Kinabalu with a heavy rain and we can't get out of the car. The forest look like mossy forest in berinchang and sort of Harry Potter forest. There is lot of kaki panjat bukit waiting for the rain goes. Shuh shuh shuh. Next, we just go for war memorial park, it a tugu peringatan of the people who died in sabah from England on world war II if i not mistaken. Well, i got problem with history. LOL. After that we drive again of 15 minutes for a Desa Cattle Dairy Farm.

Hello New Zealand Malaysia ! Pull the hand break and we que up for a waffle, gelato and fresh milk. Just so you know, we don't event take our lunch. Let it be, lembu first. The view was nicer than the picture taken. Just come over guys, feel it. I left something on the way from rumah terbalik to Kundasang we stop and photo taking at Jambatan Gantung Temparuli. Nice jambatan anyway, it seen unsung. Nina said there is a song about this Temparuli but I don't know. Hahaa. Reach at Kota Kinabalu at almost 8pm, find a hotel and food then sleep. Nindia, jaoh punya mai last-last jumpa orang penang. Mami jaga food stall neyh asai Loq Staq, just imagine. Lawak pulak mami neyh, very talk active and helpful jugak la since she answered our ??????? Thing. On bed, 1 2 3 krohkrohkrohhh

Day three (Tunku Abdul Rahman Park)

Morning breakfast with the mr maggie, well too many stock left. Start the car and pick kak erin at UMS then she drop us at Jeselton point (jetty to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park). Just open the car door and the agent start to ask u this and that. Do you have student price ? Lucky all price for us is a student price. Ngeee. Look young maybe. Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is a place where consist of many pulau such as Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and on. We take the package of Sapi, Mamutik and Manukan. A island hopping package. They will drop u for two hours each pulau. The sea also cleared seen.

ikan hey
You don't have to dive, just snorkeling u can see everything. Among the best island is pulau Mamutik if i not mistaken. The fish here so friendly, they can swim with us and they also bite ur leg. Urghhh. No blood found. Chill. I was wondering what name of the 'pelangi fish'. Bring bread, and just hold at ur hand. The fish will find you. Nice loh ! We settle the three island on time of 4pm ++ and we have a early dinner at Philippine market. Makan lobster chuolls. Sedap gila. Lobster sambal telur, I recommend you this and also just apulkat aka avokado. Sedap baq unx ! Waiting for the sunset, and we walk to hotel taking of 10 minutes. In Kinabalu pekan area, all thing u may used ur fatty leg to walk away. Kurus somemore. Hahaa. What next ? Tidoq la.

Day four (around Kinabalu town)

The shortest day of this trip. Breakfast at mamak that speak sabahan also with the kepala pusing just opposite this filipina market. We walk for pasar filipina again, and doing some shopping of souvenir so do ikan masin. Don't be shame to ask for a cheapest price. Shop for the jewels of mutiara is the most best part. As for me and along, we don't know how to shop of ikan masin. Hahaa. So, here u may learn which mutiara is masin and not. Just ask them. 'Yg ni berapa mak cik?' 'Dua puluh lima, boleh kasi kurang lagi, kasi kau dua puluh sudah bah.' Makasih noh. Walk back to Ruby hotel. Pack. Tide. Bath. Pretty. Ask for a cab to KKIA, transit at KLIA2, tada I'm home. Penang hey. But, u have to know that sabah airport is divided into two part where Terminal 1 for MAS and Malindoair, and Terminal 2 only for Airasia.


Do use celcom for a smooth holidays
Please learn how to drive basic car, well, saga baru don't have much of horse power and abs also airbag. If u rich enough to rent at least a myvi, then would be okay.
Keep on communicating because people still have the instinct to help you
Quite lot of different if compare to semenanjung

lembu dan susunya

jagung bakaq

selfie gn embekkkkkk

Budget :

Flight PEN - KUL - BKI - KUL - PEN = RM278/head
Kereta sewa (saga baru) - RM115/day (student price)
Minyak kereta - RM120/2days
Mengayau chalet - RM150/queen room/day
War memorial fee - RM3/adult
Desa farm - RM5/head
Ruby hotel - RM79/queen room/day
Island hopping - RM59/student (depend on package)
Park fee - RM3
Cab to airport - RM30/car/1way
Food - depend on tummy

All in all, roughly I finished amount of RM600 exclusive GST and flight ticket

lobster tekur sambal, butter prawn, sotong halia, khailan, ikan bakaq lambat sampai

along dan peace-nya

kawan sabah pertama. anyong

Kota Kinabalu city

jus avokado sedap gila hey (jus apukalt)

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